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  • Nutrition

    Your body is maintained, healed, and moved by the things you eat and drink. Food and water provide the building blocks of every process in your body. Eating over-processed foods lacking vital nutrients will cause your body to become deficient and lack the building blocks to rebuild and repair. Consuming things that are toxic to you, like excessive alcohol, will cause damage to your body. Eating foods in which you are sensitive, allergic, or genetically predisposed to not process, will interfere with the body’s optimal functioning.

    Every time you eat, you have an opportunity to heal yourself– mind, body, and spirit. You can use your diet as a powerful healing tool everyday, and that tool is comprised of choices you make. Sometimes those choices seem impossible to make. Food is more than the food you decide to eat or not eat. It is part of your life, your celebrations, your history, your culture. Eating can be comforting and rewarding. Together, we will work to overcome the mental and emotional barriers to making healing choices.

    Whatever your goal, be it losing weight, preventing chronic illness, dealing with disease, work-life-food-balance, or some good old-fashioned friendly support and accountability, together we will set reasonable, achievable goals that leverage your strengths to support your struggles and, most importantly, foster balance within so you can heal.

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